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Meet the founder

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Aprel Handy is the founder of Zoey’s Style Suite, LLC. Milwaukee, WI is where she was born and currently resides. She attended Mount Mary University, where she earned her bachelor of arts in apparel product development. Upon graduating, she went on to work in the ever-changing world of retail, where she held managerial roles and continued to build her love for fashion and all things pretty.

In addition to working in retail, she cultivated her creative abilities through working with youth, teaching them various art techniques that she learned in school. In 2019 she began offering her “fashion bootcamp” curriculum to youth who attended Milwaukee Public Schools’ after-school program. Through this six-week program, the youth learned in a fun and hands-on environment by creating scrapbooks. The youth were encouraged to bring in pictures of their families and friends and use different art mediums to create tangible memories. Over the course of the class, the youth were also taught art vocabulary to help build their knowledge and skills.  

In 2021, she hosted her inaugural “Styled by Zoey & Friends,” where she invited small businesses to sell merchandise and professionals in the fashion industry, such as estheticians, to sit on a panel on fashion and culture. This event was amazing and brought together over one hundred attendees. 

Lastly, Aprel has participated in various fashion shows throughout the city as a stylist and dresser for the models.  

Through her work in retail and with youth and her community engagement, she has been able to stay connected to her love for fashion and the arts. It is her continued endeavor to help women and men look and feel their best.


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